Holistic Sleep Coaching

My Holistic Approach

As a Holistic sleep coach I recognise there are many contributing factors to why a family might be struggling with sleep and I will look at-

  • Emotional well being, mental health, anxiety, stress
  • Behaviour, temperament and parenting style
  • Age/developmental stage and normal infant behaviour
  • Nutrition, allergies, diet and feeding habits
  • Sleep biology
  • Health, red flags and who to refer to
  • Exercise, sleep hygiene and routine
  • Environment and family set up

Using evidence-based research I am able to offer gentle, responsive techniques which promote attachment to families who are in need of support. Whether you are in a sleep crisis and need urgent change, simply need some reassurance on normal infant behaviour or knowledge on busting myths by working together I can put you on the right path to healthier and happier sleep.

Chloe Walker


what we do

Packages & Prices

Book a free 15 minute no obligation phone call with me. I will listen to your concerns and struggles and see if we are the right fit to resolve them together.

Every child and their family are treated individually therefore I create personalised plans and do not believe in a one size fits all approach. I am able to offer support to families from babies all the way up to teens.

I do not suggest any cry it out methods and only suggest changes to sleep that you are finding problematic or unsustainable and suggest respectful methods that you are comfortable with.

You do not need to stop feeding your baby, holding your baby or being unresponsive to achieve better sleep!

Below are the packages I provide to suit your needs however if you would prefer a more bespoke package please feel free to get in touch to discuss it with me.

Rock a bye baby package - £90

This is a perfect budget option for parents to troubleshoot any simple sleep queries that may have arisen.
Such as struggling with naps, bedtime resistance, routine or managing sleep expectations for the age and developmental stage of a baby or child.
Sometimes making minor tweaks can be all a family needs to see an improvement to sleep and overall well being.
You will come away feeling reassured and validated that you are doing an amazing job with your little one as you are the expert on your baby!

Lullaby and Goodnight Package - £130

We will have an in depth discussion about what challenges you are facing, what your priorities and sleep goals are and I will thoroughly analyse the sleep diary and questionnaire.
I can educate you on normal infant behaviour and provide you with age appropriate tips and techniques to hopefully spark some confidence within you. 
You can make sleep changes while still promoting attachment and being respectful to yours and your child’s needs.

Somewhere over the rainbow package - £160

So if education, understanding, acknowledgment, tips, techniques, validation and empowerment wasn’t enough then this package provides all of that and the added benefit of a follow up call 1-2 weeks after our plan has been implemented.

I can hear your progress, any questions you may have and put you back on the right track if you have experienced any set backs.

When you wish upon a star package - £200

This special package has all the features of the other packages but with this one you have the added bonus of a face to face meeting with me, where we can really get to know each other before we start working together to optimize your families sleep.
I can come and visit you at home, remember I have 17 years experience looking after children so therefore I am used to being within the hustle and bustle of family life so this will make you feel relaxed and comfortable within your home. Or alternatively somewhere local to you such as a café or soft play centre.

Troubleshooting call - £55

You will have a 40 minute phone call with me to ask me any burning questions you might have regarding your little ones sleep. I can provide you with take away ideas which you can implement straight away!
Please bring a notepad and pen to write notes down as the troubleshoot call does not include a sleep diary/ questionnaire or write up summary.
After our troubleshoot call if you feel you would benefit from some support please have a look at the packages and the additional support options.

Additional support

After we have spent some time working together if you feel as though you would benefit from some additional support please look at the 3 options I offer below which can be added on to packages already purchased.
view support options

Hello I am Chloe, pleased to meet you

I have been fortunate enough to spend the last 18 years within the childcare industry. I started my career as a nursey practitioner where I completed my NVQ 2 and NVQ 3 in childcare and was promoted to a room leader which I thoroughly enjoyed. I was very grateful to be given the opportunity to work for a family on a 1-1 personal level and this is when I became a private nanny 14 years ago. I have worked for many wonderful families with children from 3 months to 12 years of age.

Working so closely to busy, hard working professional families I soon realised how important it is for the family as a whole to ensure that sleep is optimised in order to function with day to day life and I became fascinated with sleep.

However it wasn’t until I became a mother to my daughter that I fully realised how much conflicting information and advice was being given to parents surrounding sleep. From the well meaning friend who assures you their baby sleeps through the night because they are fed formula milk, to the mother in law who tells you to stop pandering to your baby and leave them to cry because you are making a rod for your own back, the lady at the supermarket checkout telling you ‘how we did it in my day.’ Even health care professionals told me to stop breastfeeding overnight! I knew for me that being a responsive parent and being respectful to my daughter’s needs was paramount so this is where my journey began!

Qualifications & Accreditations

Cache Level 2 NVQ in early years and education

National vocational qualification, level 3 NVQ in Children’s Care, Learning and Development

I have 8 credits at level 6 degree from OCN as a Holistic sleep coach which is the highest level of evidence-based training available for gentle sleep support. (Provided by Babyem)

DBS certified

Paediatric Infant and Child First Aid Level 3. Trainingsmith First aid Training

Fully Insured


Jess, Chesham

Working with Chloe has been amazing and I really feel she has set us on the right path for better sleep! I initially contacted Chloe because my 8 month old was waking every couple of hours at night and I was completely exhausted. She is clearly passionate about helping parents improve their children’s sleep by using gentle, caring methods.
We started with an initial phone conversation, and unlike other sleep specialists I’ve come across Chloe really takes the time to fully understand what’s going on by looking at routine, diet and behaviour. I filled in a sleep diary to help with this and then received a detailed sleep plan by email tailored to our routine. She also checked in with me regularly via text to see how I was getting on.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Chloe to any parent struggling with sleep issues. She is professional, caring and very knowledgeable about sleep. She will support and encourage you every step of the way.
I have learnt that little tweaks to our routine can make such a difference and we have gone from my son waking up every couple of hours to him sleeping in his own cot with me close by and only waking once or twice a night.

Emily, Buckinghamshire

I am so thankful to Chloe for her support, I really felt listened to and Chloe really took the time to understand us as a family and our preferences with parenting.
Chloe was so patient with me and understanding and I really valued her ongoing support and she regularly checked in to see how we were doing.
We worked on getting my son into a more predictable routine which resulted in less overnight wakes and gave me more predictability to my day.
It has made such a difference to my family and sleep for us has improved so much!

Keira, Hemel Hempstead

I contacted Chloe as my 5 month old was waking every hour and his day naps were so short. I was one tired mumma who needed some help and support!

Firstly, Chloe gave me a sleep diary and questionnaire to fill out, I did it over 4 days, giving as much information as you can helps. Chloe then went through this and we worked together to figure out what could be causing his many wake ups. Chloe would answer my many questions, whenever I had them and we had lots of follow ups summaries too, which were really helpful. Chloe was very knowledgeable and gave me lots of information on how babies sleep… there’s so much more to it than you think! She gave me lots of possible ways to lengthen his day naps first and once I’d been able to do that, we would tackle the nights.

Chloe went out of her way and found a local IBCLC to help me with a possible feeding issue as well.

I would highly recommend Chloe when choosing your sleep consultant. She is really approachable, kind and supportive with a passion for helping families with sleep issues.

Claire, Bedfordshire

Chloe was sensitive, supportive and knowledgeable from the very first time we spoke with her.Her advice was very much tailored to our individual situation and the techniques and advice she shared have resolved the issues we were having with our son who was up for most of the night before we contacted Chloe.
Chloe has shown us so much compassion and support and I can’t recommend her highly enough to others who might need some sleep support