Lullaby and Goodnight Package


We will have an in depth discussion about what challenges you are facing, what your priorities and sleep goals are and I will thoroughly analyse the sleep diary and questionnaire.
I can educate you on normal infant behaviour and provide you with age appropriate tips and techniques to hopefully spark some confidence within you.
You can make sleep changes while still promoting attachment and being respectful to yours and your child’s needs.


All of my packages include-

  • A 15 minute free no obligation phone call
  • A detailed sleep diary and questionnaire for you to fill out over a 3-4 day period as this enables me to gain as much information and understanding as possible. Such as, nap timings, routine, overnight awakenings, amount of sleep achieved within a 24 hour period, early rising and feeding habits.

Lullaby and Goodnight package then includes-

  • A 60 minute phone call to discuss my findings once I have thoroughly analysed the sleep diary and questionnaire.
  • A detailed written summary via email which will outline what we have discussed and how to implement tips and techniques going forward.

After our time working together if you feel you would benefit from some more support then please look at the additional support options.