Rock a Bye Baby Package


This is a perfect budget option for parents to troubleshoot any simple sleep queries that may have arisen.
Such as struggling with naps, bedtime resistance, routine or managing sleep expectations for the age and developmental stage of a baby or child.
Sometimes making minor tweaks can be all a family needs to see an improvement to sleep and overall well being.
You will come away feeling reassured and validated that you are doing an amazing job with your little one as you are the expert on your baby!


All of my packages include-

  • A 15 minute free no obligation phone call
  • A detailed sleep diary and questionnaire for you to fill out over a 3-4 day period as this enables me to gain as much information and understanding as possible. Such as, nap timings, routine, overnight awakenings, amount of sleep achieved within a 24 hour period, early rising and feeding habits.

Rock a bye baby package then includes-

  • A 45 minute phone call to discuss my findings once I have briefly analysed the sleep diary and questionnaire.

Please bring a notepad and pen to write notes down as this package does not include a write up summary.
After our time working together if you feel you would benefit from some more support then please look at the additional support options.