Somewhere over the rainbow package


So if education, understanding, acknowledgment, tips, techniques, validation and empowerment wasn’t enough then this package provides all of that and the added benefit of a follow up call 1-2 weeks after our plan has been implemented.

I can hear your progress, any questions you may have and put you back on the right track if you have experienced any set backs.


All of my packages include-

  • A 15 minute free no obligation phone call
  • A detailed sleep diary and questionnaire for you to fill out over a 3-4 day period as this enables me to gain as much information and understanding as possible. Such as, nap timings, routine, overnight awakenings, amount of sleep achieved within a 24 hour period, early rising and feeding habits.

Somewhere over the rainbow then includes-

  • A 60 minute phone call to discuss my findings once I have thoroughly analysed the sleep diary and questionnaire.
  • A detailed written summary via email which will outline what we have discussed and how to implement tips and techniques going forward
  • A 30 minute follow up call after 1-2 weeks to check in with one another

After our time working together if you feel you would benefit from some more support then please look at the additional support options.